Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The number One question, how much does it cost?
A. The price is £7.00 per person on the night. There are no up front
     fees or need to register but it is nice to know if you are interested.

Q. What shall I wear?
A. For footwear, very high heels or sticky soled trainers are not ideal as
    you will be on your feet for at least an hour. It’s important
    that you can slide and turn your feet easily on the dance floor, so
    choose something comfortable with a non-grip sole.
    For clothing, again wear something you are comfortable in and not
    too heavy, sometimes it can be warm work.

Q. What ages do you cater for?
A. Salsa Dancing has no barrier for age, teens to retirees are all welcome.

Q. Does it matter if I've never danced before?
A. No. Absolutely not. If you've an ounce of rhythm in your body, we can
    teach you what to do with it!

Q. Do I need to bring a partner?
A. No, you don't. We rotate partners in the classes so all the ladies get a
    go with all the guys and vice versa. We do tend to have more ladies
    than men attending though, so ladies, bring a guy with you if you can
    find one.

Q  How long will it take to learn?
A. This depends on your ability, how often you attend classes, and how
    much practice you do between times. Also you'll never know it all
    (we're very much still learning ourselves!!).

Q. What is "Freestyle Salsa"?
A. During classes students are shown moves and routines and are led
    through these by the teacher. Freestyle salsa is when there is no
    teacher involved and people simply dance with each other to music.
    When dancing freestyle, the Leader (usually the man) will guide
    or "lead" the follower (usually the woman) through whatever moves he
    wishes in whatever order he desires.