Relating to COVID and class restart

The latest roadmap issued by the Government, implies that we should be able to restart our Salsa Classes from the week commencing 21st June 2021. This is conditional on the 4 provisions being met as stipulated by the Government. With that in mind, Salsa4Dancing has already pre-booked the venue at Brumby Hall for re-starting Salsa classes from Tuesday 22nd June 2021.

weareclosedMany businesses have suffered financial difficulties over the last year and the venue at Brumby Hall is no exception having been closed for most of the last year since our class in March 2020. During the lockdown, the venue has had quite a deal of investment relating to new sound and lighting equipment, projectors, screens and a widespread redecoration of the hall and bar area. General lighting has, in the large part, been upgraded to LED. This investment has been privately funded by a new manager and independant of the App Frod Athletics Club.

The new management has staged increased hiring charges for the function hall which we have to meet if we should wish to continue at Brumby Hall and to that end, the price per head for new classes commencing this year will be £7.00. This cost is for the whole evening and covers both Beginners and Improver classes.

Many of our past supporters have expressed eagerness to start dancing again but to make that happen, everyone in the general public has to adhere to the current guidelines to make the data signal a safe return to some level of normality. That includes all of us, no exceptions.

Make no mistake, COVID will not go away on June 21st or shortly thereafter. An outbreak of the virus could potentially see our classes suspended just as we start. Stephanie and myself have both had our first vaccination and we expect to have our second before the class restart. This is not just for our protection, it is also for the protection of all those who come to meet us and join us at class. We expect that same level of respect from every class attendee and if you are offered a vaccination please take that opportunity to do so to contribute to a safer class environment. If you have not been offered the vaccinatiion prior to the class start, then this will not preclude you from attending as per Step 4 of the Government roadmap.