Relating to COVID and class restart

The latest roadmap issued by the Government, implies that we can restart our Salsa Classes from the week commencing 19th July 2021. All legal restrictions relating to Covid-19 to be removed.


Many of our past supporters have expressed eagerness to start dancing again but to make that happen, confidence has to be gained in mixing with others. It is in the interests of everyone to ensure that they are free of Covid by having the offered vaccinations and performing Lateral Flow Tests at any and every opportunity.

Make no mistake, COVID will not go away on July 19th or any time shortly thereafter. An outbreak of the virus could potentially see our classes suspended just as we start. Stephanie and myself have had both our vaccinations. This is not just for our protection, it is also for the protection of all those who come to meet us and join us at class. We expect that same level of respect from every class attendee and if you are offered a vaccination please take that opportunity to do so to contribute to a safer class environment.